Holiday Lets

We specialize in holiday lets in central London. We provide a full service which includes:

  • Marketing: arranging photography and advertising for your property
  • Bookings: same day responses to all enquiries and taking bookings
  • Payments: taking deposits with bookings and balance on arrival day
  • Transfers: funds sent to landlords immediately with up to date statements
  • Check-ins: Meeting and greeting guests when they arrive
  • Check-outs: ensuring the property is let in a good condition
  • Cleaning: properties cleaned immediately with same day change overs
  • Maintenance: properties maintained on a daily basis

Our apartments have 80-90% occupancy levels and the advantage is landlords can reserve any nights they want to stay at their London homes.

Rates are 20-25% higher than normal rental values with long term lets [6 month to one year tenancies].

Here are links to some of the properties we currently manage:

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Domus is the Latin term meaning house or home. In ancient Rome, these structures were occupied by the wealthy and middle class freedmen during the Republican and Imperial eras. They could be found in almost all the major cities throughout the Roman territories.