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We specialize in searching for UK based and international clients wishing to buy in central London, or, anywhere in Europe. Whether you are looking for a new home, or, an investment property - from a small apartment at a low budget to a large house in an exclusive location - we offer the widest range of properties possible because we deal on a wholly independent basis with all estate agents. We earn our fees by negotiating the best prices for you and finding the best available properties. Our knowledge of the market means we save you both money through skillful negotiation, based on our local knowledge, and time, by searching for the ideal home or investment effectively and efficiently.

Our specialist knowledge of the central London market - having lived here for 40 years - and our attention to detail enables us to give a highly personalised service delivering excellent results. We totally understand an integral part of fulfilling your property dreams includes securing you a sound financial investment at the best market rate.

Registering with us and using a London property finder simplifies the whole process of buying or renting in London to a single point of contact throughout the transaction. You can then pass on the burden, stress and time- consuming worries of property dealing and enjoy the pleasure of making the right choice. We offer as an integral part of the service experienced professional support from surveyors, solicitors and mortgage advisers.


Complete Package Service

After searching and buying your new home we provide additional services: refurbishing and managing including finding the best returns by choosing the best rental strategy to suit your needs. See our Sections on Refurbishment and Management for further information. We have a wide range of builders, architects, structural engineers and specialists to draw from to make the improvements and changes you may wish to make to your new property.


Please download our Property Search Criteria Form to facilitate the process:

Domus is the Latin term meaning house or home. In ancient Rome, these structures were occupied by the wealthy and middle class freedmen during the Republican and Imperial eras. They could be found in almost all the major cities throughout the Roman territories.